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DS Dental Studio, one of London’s platinum-rated Invisalign providers, now brings you Single Arch Invisalign treatments, starting at only £1650.

Do you have issues with just your upper teeth and your lower teeth you are happy with?

Or your preference is to have invisalign treatment done just for your bottom teeth, and not your top teeth.

Our Single Arch Treatments can be just for you! Come and see one of our Invisalign® dentists to see if this is the best option for you.

We have two single arch treatments available:


Single Arch Invisalign Starter

  • Up to 3 months of treatment
  • Suitable for minor corrections in a single jaw, either top or bottom.
  • Cost  £1650


Single Arch Invisalign

  • Up to 7 months of treatment
  • Suitable for more advanced corrections in a single jaw, upper or lower.
  • Cost From £1995


You need to see one of our Invisalign dentists for a consultation, to ensure a single arch Invisalign treatment would be appropriate for you. If the movements you require result in your teeth to clash with the opposing teeth, single arch treatment may not be appropriate for you.