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Invisalign Lite in West London

What is Invisalign Lite?

Invisalign® Lite offers a swift, clinically verified, and nearly imperceptible method for aligning teeth without traditional metal braces.

Ideal for addressing minor to moderate teeth misalignments, Invisalign® Lite aligners present a cost-effective alternative for more extensive corrections, provided you’re content with achieving a less comprehensive improvement.

These clear, detachable aligners gently guide your teeth into their proper positions over a span of just 3 to 4 months, ensuring discreet treatment and rapid results.

Throughout your journey, our dedicated team will provide personalized guidance and support, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience every step of the way.

How does it work?

Custom aligners are meticulously crafted in a laboratory using cutting-edge computer imaging technology, tailored to your specific needs and treatment plan. These aligners are worn for two-week intervals, gradually guiding your teeth into their desired position until optimal alignment is achieved.

How long do I have to wear the aligners?

For optimal results, it’s advised to wear the aligners for 22 hours daily. Every two weeks, you transition to a new aligner, with recommended check-ups every 6-8 weeks to monitor progress.

How much does Invisalign Lite cost?

Invisalign Lite treatment at DS Dental Studio is priced at £2600, with an initial treatment planning fee of £650 due at the start of your treatment. The remaining balance can be paid over the following 7 months, interest-free. With our flexible payment scheme, you can spread the cost to as little as £8 per day. Rest assured, there are no hidden fees or additional charges associated with our Invisalign costs.

Invisalign Lite

From £ 2600

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Why Choose DS Dental Studio for Invisalign Lite?

At DS Studio, our seasoned team of Invisalign dentists boasts a wealth of experience in transforming smiles using the innovative Invisalign® Lite system. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional results, we have successfully enhanced the smiles of numerous patients, providing them with newfound confidence and satisfaction in their appearance.

Premium Aligners

DS Dental Studio utilises premium Invisalign® branded aligners, guaranteeing comfort, efficacy, and aesthetics throughout your treatment.

Digital Express Service

Our Digital Express Service expedites the process of sending your digital impressions to Invisalign labs, facilitating faster treatment planning and commencement.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Based on 63 reviews
Pro gamer Supp (Hi bruh)
Pro gamer Supp (Hi bruh)
The overall customer service at DS Dental Studio is excellent. My hygienist has been Sarah Alnaho. She is amazing and through when cleaning ones teeth. I'm always happy with her services and advice to keep my teeth in good condition. Bré Hopwood😊
Liza Patoux
Liza Patoux
Warm, welcoming and look after you
Jimmy Beakney
Jimmy Beakney
Excellent dental practice staffed with professionals you can trust
Neil T
Neil T
I've been a patient here almost 15 years since they were in BBC White City building. I get regular hygienist and annual check-up with dentist. Always friendly and professional. Prices are reasonable. I'm confident that my teeth are well looked after 😁
Jo Attree
Jo Attree
I've been going here for years. Treatment is efficient and effective. And I always get good advice.
Mr Pip
Mr Pip
Just a wonderful friendly family dentist. Children have been using them since babies. They actually enjoy going. From reception to extraction they are professional, clear in communicating and warm personalities

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